4 июня(суббота) 2011 Москва

Телефон: +7 (495) 502-33-78
E-mail: 2011@devconf.ru

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Интервью с Юрой Богдановым.


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Интервью с Hannes Wallnöfer, создателем RingoJS.


Интервью с Дмитрием Сошниковым


Интервью с Олегом Подсечиным.


Интервью с Hannes Wallnöfer, создателем RingoJS.

 Hello Hannes, can you tell us a little bit yourself? How did you get started with JavaScript?

Hannes Wallnöfer: I started my professional career as Java developer in the mid 1990s and had been playing with server-side JS since early on. When I was contracted by the Austrian Broadcasting corporation to build a CMS for their website in 1997, I thought that using a JavaScript application server might be good idea. It worked out quite well, so this is what I'm doing up to this day.

What are the main projects you're working on and why?

Hannes Wallnöfer: My main project I'll be talking about at DevConf is RingoJS, a server-side JavaScript engine on top of the Java VM. I'm also a committer on the Mozilla Rhino project, which is the JavaScript engine used by RingoJS. I love working on these projects because I think JavaScript on the JVM has a lot of potential.

Who is your talk aimed at?

Hannes Wallnöfer: Anybody looking for new and simpler ways to write dynamic web sites.

Can you tell us a little bit more about the benefits of running JavaScript on top of the JVM?

Hannes Wallnöfer: The JVM offers some great benefits as a server platform. It provides a stable, secure and high-performance environment . There is an incredible amount of libraries available. Also, the JVM is readily available in a lot of places, regardless of operating system or hardware. Mix this with JavaScript, a simple, dynamic language that lots of people are familiar with, and you get a very powerful combination.

Do you see a future where synchronous and asynchronous JavaScript could run within the same platform? Is there scope for code reuse between synchronous and asynchronous platforms?

Hannes Wallnöfer: On the JVM, running synchronous/blocking and asynchronous/non-blocking code on the same platform is already a reality. The fact that Java provides threads and blocking I/O does not mean you can't do non-blocking I/O and event-based programming, and vice versa.

As for code reuse between synchronous and asynchronous server side JavaScript platforms it actually works quite well for libraries that have a well-defined scope and don't deal with I/O. For example, many Node.js packages are readily usable with RingoJS. Of course it's a bit harder with full applications. But what we have now with CommonJS modules is already a good start.

What are the most exciting developments that you see happening in server side JavaScript in the near future?

Hannes Wallnöfer: Obviously Node.js has succeeded in bringing server-side JavaScript closer to the mainstream. What I hope to see in the near future is RingoJS and other alternatives to catch up in developer mind-share by showing we bring valuable features to server-side JavaScript.

Do you have anything you'd like to say to the attendees of Devconf?

Hannes Wallnöfer: It's my first time in Moscow, but I know that Russia has a great programming tradition. I'm very excited about the opportunity to talk in front of a lot of smart folks!

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